Kids Dance/Hip-Hop Dancing

Hip hop dance refers to dance styles primarily danced to hip hop music, or that have evolved as a part of the hip hop culture. Hip hop dance can be divided into old school and new school, but the separation between the two is somewhat ambiguous and thought to be evolving with the passing of time. Hip hop dances are often considered street dances, because of how they were formed and are being practiced. Hip hop dance probably represents a mélange of dance forms of modern, African dance, tap and Jazz. Today, many dance studios offer hip hop classes in which they practice elements of various hip hop dances, often mixing them with more structured dance styles such as jazz. As hip hop is such a broad genre it gives the choreographer much freedom and room for personal interpretation, allowing them to be more creative.

Hip-hop dance classes encourage students to use their bodies in ways that encourage many different stylistic techniques. This style is not structured and allows students to interpret the moves in varied ways. Hip-hop classes, although fast-paced and challenging, allow people to emphasize their creative rhythmic talents.