Salsa dance lessons in Baltimore

The colorful history of the Latin Salsa

The most popular of all the Latin dances, Salsa has evolved through the years from its original form as a combination of several African, Caribbean and Latin rhythm patterns. Closely related to other Latin styles such as the “Cha-Cha” and the Mambo, Salsa prevails as the most practiced form of all Latin street dances that originated in New York City in the 1970’s.

Spice up your Baltimore nightlife with Baltimore Arts And Cultural Exchange salsa dancing lessons.

The word “salsa” is a literal translation of the Spanish word for sauce and its designation as the name for the most popular Latin dance can be attributed to the reference to “hot” and spicy connotations. A consistently evolving genre, the Salsa dance technique has taken variable forms of expression that evolved according to unique regional and cultural influences. Common to all forms is its distinctive free and flowing body movements that include spins and shimmies to encourage its characteristic infectious enthusiasm that is always exciting.

Satisfied salsa students in Baltimore

Some Baltimore Arts And Cultural Exchange students have claimed that learning to dance the Salsa has actually changed their lives by not only improving their overall dance technique, but by also affording them an opportunity for a renewed and vibrant social life.

Find your Latin flavor

Our instructors will teach you the footwork and rhythm count techniques required to learn the Salsa with accompanying music that heats up a room and gets everyone moving!

One of our most popular classes we offer the dance enthusiasts of Baltimore, Baltimore Arts And Cultural Exchange Salsa dance lessons offer a chance to gain an appreciation for the unique flavor and passion of Latin stylized rhythms and colorful music.

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