Drumming in Bel Air

Drums are essential to tribal culture and living. Drums were used during slavery as a way for the slaves to communicate with each other. The rhythm, bass and tone of the drum were used in daily life to express fear, hope, despair, anger, happiness and joy. It is amazing that the strike of a drum could be that powerful to convey a series of emotions or celebration, but it brought a sense of community to the tribes and a richness of ancestral history. Drumming is an affirmation and validation of my African culture. Drumming allows one to collaborate with others, thereby creating a community united for a purpose. Students will learn freedom of expression through music without limit or restriction. Participants will be challenged to open their minds and bodies to new experiences of Basic rhythm.

African Dance and Drumming School Schedule

All Ages
Adults and Youths
Parents and Children
3yrs and 5 yrs
Registration: $25
Dance, Drum or Both
Adult $7a class
Youth or child $5 a class