Traditional African Dance in Baltimore

Participants will explore moving their bodies to various world rhythms as we discover traditional tribal culture. Tribal stories are shared with the students and parents. Dance is used as an expression of village life. Basic stretching and movements employing various African Dance techniques are used for warm-ups. Stories, songs and movements are used to aide with alignment, coordination and balance. In the River dance the movement such as “ Chi Chi -ChiChi – Chi Chi, Ah / Yasi Yasi - Yasi Ah” is about a mommy bird and baby bird in conversation. The steps are used to represent the call of the mommy bird with the right foot and the response of the baby bird with the left foot. This helps students learn to distinguish right from left but also allows students to learn to maintain attention, memory and sequencing. The tug of war during the dance allows for cooperation and teamwork. This class will create a safe and engaging environment for participants to explore new ideas, use of movement for self expression and ways of participating in a group.

African Class Schedule

10 :00AM – 11:00 AM Adults
11:15 AM – 12 Noon Ages 3yrs - 5yrs old
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Children
Other services include
*Demonstrations *Group Workshops *Performances
*Birthday Parties *picnics

We can travel to you! Ask about our Circus Program and discover the rich traditions of Africa. (Drums are available for class and events participants only)